Interius BioTherapeutics
Gene Therapy

Interius BioTherapeutics is an early-stage company expanding the potential of cell and gene therapy by developing next generation delivery technology. Interius is initially focused on treating hematologic malignancies by leveraging its novel gene delivery platform to generate chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells directly in vivo. This unique therapeutic approach bypasses the need for ex vivo cell manipulations and the potentially toxic pre-conditioning chemotherapy required for standard CAR T-cell treatments. Exploiting its versatile platform, Interius is also developing applications beyond immuno-oncology that address diseases not amenable to current gene therapy modalities. The company was founded based on inventions from the laboratory of Dr. Saar Gill, a leading physician-scientist in the fields of cell and gene therapy at the University of Pennsylvania.

University of Pennsylvania
Life Science
Initial Investment Stage
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